As one year draws to a close and another begins, we’re looking at what is in store for the future of corporate event planning. There have been extensive changes in the way that people attend events over the last few years. The covid pandemic shook things up like nothing before, and the aftershocks of the pandemic continue to ripple throughout the event planning industry.

Here are 5 top trends and predictions for event planning in 2023 and beyond…

In-Person Events Will Increase

As we gain some distance from the covid pandemic restrictions, participants are once again enjoying attending events in person. This trend looks set to continue. Attending events in person will become the norm once again. A survey conducted in 2022 found that “72% of respondents believe they will get more value out of attending a hybrid event in person.”.

Although many prefer attending in person, there are also a significant number of people that prefer attending online. We predict that the best of the technologies from exclusively virtual events will remain. This leads us to…

The Rise and Rise of Hybrid Events

Choosing a venue with a hybrid events package is now just as important as the in-person considerations. There has been a significant shift towards hybrid events since the pandemic, encompassing the best of virtual and in-person.

Covid lockdowns propelled virtual solutions to the forefront, as people could no longer attend in person. From meetings and conferences to exhibitions and festivals, organisers had to find new ways to offer experiences in the virtual world that emulate the same experiences and connections we feel in real life.

A 2021 survey of B2B marketers conducted by Statista found that 57% of respondents would prefer to attend an event in person, with 33% preferring to attend virtually, and 10% having no preference. Offering tailored hybrid solutions to your attendees is a surefire way to increase attendance, providing access despite physical limitations, geographic distance, or scheduling conflicts.

Here at 30 Euston Square we’re ahead of this trend with our state-of-the-art hybrid events venue in London. With a wide selection of A/V technology at your fingertips, lightning-fast internet, expert support technicians, and our award-winning partner Glisser, we’re well-positioned to make sure the virtual side of your event is a resounding success.

A Continued Focus on Sustainability

We’re all acutely aware of the huge strides that still need to be made to combat climate change, and the value of sustainability continues to be an important factor in event planning. From the venue to the organisers and the suppliers, transparency of the supply chain and ethical and environmental practices are no longer optional; they’re a must-have.

30 Euston Square is a perfect choice for a sustainable event venue in central London. We ensure that sustainability is at the heart of our business and everything that we do. Learn more about our sustainable practices here.

Greater Accessibility and Inclusivity

Event organisers want everyone to feel welcome and included. Whether the physical location or the virtual event, accessibility continues to be an important factor in event planning.

At 30 Euston Square, in-person attendees benefit from step-free access, with hearing induction loops in conferences and auditoriums making sure that your guest speakers are enjoyed by anyone who is hard of hearing.

When it comes to the virtual side of the event, there are plenty of technological advances to make sessions more inclusive for everyone. These include live subtitles on video streams, multilingual translations, and sign language interpreters to name just a few.

Event organisers are no longer limited to one language. With live translation technology, viewers from all corners of the world can feel just as included.

At 30 Euston Square, we’re proud of our accessibility considerations for differently abled people at our physical location in central London. We’re also pleased to be able to offer expert technical support from our hybrid events team to make your virtual event inclusive for all.

A Focus on Data Analysis

Event organisers are collecting more data than ever before. Leveraging the valuable information collected about attendees will be a focus for many event organisers.

The rise of virtual and hybrid events means that organisers have access to more data than ever before. This goes beyond simply collecting the contact details of attendees, and steps into the world of behavioural data analysis. How long are people staying engaged with your live stream? How many sessions are they attending? If you have a live chat function, what are your viewers talking about while the speakers are doing their presentations? What are the most typed words and phrases during your virtual conference?

The scope of what can be learned from all of the digital data is almost limitless, and we will continue to see more of this “big data” analysis in the coming years.


Our corporate events venue in London (conveniently positioned near Euston Station) is the perfect location for your next conference, meeting or exhibition. If you would like any information about the venue, our services, catering options or how to book your event, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.