Meetings are hugely important. They help forge relationships, are the birthplace of cutting-edge ideas and have the power to transform whole businesses and industries. They’re where the big decisions are made, so naturally, you want to hold your meeting in a space that reflects the importance of this. Whether your business meeting is in the morning, afternoon, or evening, choosing a venue with exceptional catering options can have an incredibly positive impact on the outcome of your meeting.

Impressive and impactful image.

Introducing catering options into your meeting helps create an impressive image for your business. Creating a professional corporate impression should be a focus when hosting any business event or meeting. An outstanding selection of food and drink creates a relaxed yet professional atmosphere that reflects positively on your company.

Providing catering options to delegates also reflects your company’s values, showing that you care for your employees, partners and clients. It demonstrates that you want them to be comfortable and at ease, creating a welcoming environment where ideas and relationships can flourish.

Keep delegates focused

Keeping your business catering on-site means your delegates return to action quickly while feeling refreshed. Providing on-site refreshments is an effective strategy to keep your delegates on-task and in a good mood, while boosting productivity.

Networking and socialising

Catering options open your event up to opportunities for networking and productive conversation. Food and drink breaks allow people to spark conversations outside of a formal setting and bring different perspectives on specific topics.

Humans have permanently bonded over the sharing of food and drink for millennia; it’s an integral part of our social system.

Research by the University of Kansas says, “When we share food, it shows trust… it shows we want to get close with someone”. When you provide catering for your business meeting, these are the values that you’re demonstrating. Giving your guests the option to take breaks and have something to eat increases morale and helps to boost positive attitudes before, during and after the event. It helps to promote an atmosphere of friendly collaboration, ensuring that your company gets the most out of your session and your delegates feel valued and satisfied. 

Hunger – The impact on decision making

Research by the University of Dundee, from a study by Dr Benjamin Vincent, found that “Hunger significantly alters a person’s decision-making ability”. Therefore, providing catering options throughout your session is scientifically proven to help people make more intelligent decisions and increase the value of ideas generated by the conference/meeting.

How 30 Euston Square can help you

Providing exceptional catering is our speciality. We have a wide variety of extraordinary catering packages to ensure that we give the most appropriate service for all events, so perhaps it’s time to go for something a little different than the usual sandwich board.

Our mouth-watering food stations provide the opportunity to go for cuisines from across the globe, from India, Mexico, and more. As naturally, exciting food brings exciting ideas. Don’t miss out on booking the perfect meeting room today by enquiring now with our team and scanning the variety of rooms we have on offer. From our modern and bright Ground Floor Rooms, to our grand Heritage Rooms, we have something for everyone.