In an era where workplace culture is evolving, and corporate wellbeing strategies are gaining prominence, 30 Euston Square stands at the forefront of attendee welfare with its latest offering: ‘Moments of Mindfulness’.

Introducing ‘Moments of Mindfulness’

Acknowledging the importance of prioritising delegate wellbeing, 30 Euston Square has developed a series of short films featuring breathing and mindfulness exercises led by corporate wellbeing specialist Nick Stolerman. These bite-sized videos, which can be easily practised in any meeting room setup, are designed to be seamlessly integrated into conference agendas, offering attendees practical techniques to enhance their mental health and focus throughout the day.

Tailored Mindfulness Sessions for Every Part of Your Event

Event planners now have the option to incorporate ‘Morning Mindfulness’ sessions at the start of their events, providing delegates with a sense of calm and clarity to kickstart the day. Additionally, ‘Recharge and Refocus’ sessions after the midday break aim to combat post-lunch fatigue and invigorate participants for the afternoon ahead.

For overnight guests staying in one of the venue’s 41 boutique bedrooms, ‘Rise and Shine’ sessions are available to energise mornings, while ‘Wind Down’ sessions promote relaxation before bedtime.

A Comprehensive Approach to Delegate Wellbeing

Luiz Mazzari, General Manager at 30 Euston Square, emphasises the venue’s commitment to delegate wellbeing: “Nurturing workplace wellbeing for a happy and healthy workforce is a business imperative. We extend this philosophy to the event spaces as well, where delegates convene. Our longstanding commitment to prioritising attendee wellbeing is reflected in thoughtfully curated, well-balanced menus that not only keep participants healthy and energised but also underscore our dedication to supporting their overall welfare. Recognising the vital role in supporting mental health, we’ve added our ‘Moments of Mindfulness’ film shorts in both our day and overnight event packages at no additional charge, as we strive to heighten the venue experience.”

Nick Stolerman, the corporate wellbeing specialist, highlights the benefits of incorporating yoga, meditation, and breathwork into conference programs: “These ancient practices are proven to manage stress and anxiety while promoting relaxation. In today’s high-demand corporate landscape, they are an ideal addition to enhance the conference experience.”

Enhance Your Conference Experience

Elevate your conference experience and prioritise delegate wellbeing with ‘Moments of Mindfulness’ at 30 Euston Square. Interested in incorporating these mindfulness sessions into your next event? Contact our team to discover our versatile spaces and create an unforgettable experience for your attendees.