Corporate Membership Terms & Conditions

Corporate Membership Terms & Conditions

1. Acceptance of Application

(1) Membership applications are deemed to have been accepted upon confirmation of receipt from 30 Euston Square to the applicant.


2. Confirmation and Commencement of Membership

(1) Membership will be confirmed by 30 Euston Square upon receipt of payment.

(2) 30 Euston Square will confirm that signed terms have been received and will advise the date of commencement of the membership. Member organisation will be provided with a 30 Euston Square membership code. This code must be quoted for every booking, meeting rooms or bedrooms.


3. Non-Refundable Annual Fee

(1) Once paid the annual membership fee is non-refundable.


4. Non-transferable Organisation Membership

(1) The annual membership is available to any employee of the member organisation. Any bookings must be made by one of the two allocated bookers. The membership is non transferable, all bookings must only be made on behalf of member organisation employees.


5. Length of Membership

(1) Membership will run for one calendar year from the date of commencement of the membership as set out in clause 2.2.


6. Membership Fee

The member organisation will be invoiced for each year of membership. The invoice to be settled within 7 days of the receipt.

(1) Membership is £750.00 excluding VAT.


7. The Benefits

1. Hourly Rate for the Meeting Rooms.

Available for 4 – 15 guests at £10 per person excluding VAT, including coffee, tea and biscuits, filtered water, pads and pens, conference phone and plasma/projector for presentations. Minimum 3hrs per booking

2. Preferential Rate for the Boutique Bedrooms.

At £165 (single occupancy) and £175 (double occupancy) including continental breakfast and VAT.

3. Reduced Room Hire Rates.

20% discount on all meeting rooms (not valid in conjunction with any other seasonal offers).

4. Reduced Day Delegate Rate and Private Dining Packages.

10% discount on all packages, including peak periods.

5. Searcys Exclusive Benefits.

Offering monthly rewards and invitations to exciting events and experiences at Searcys venues.


8. Renewal of Membership

(1) Membership will be renewed once payment of the full membership fee for the following year has been received by 30 Euston Square. Renewal must be complete by the date of the membership expiry. The signed contract remains active until the membership is terminated in writing.

(2) 30 Euston Square reserves the right to increase the annual membership fee and will notify the member of any increase more than 45 days before the expiration of that member’s annual membership.


9. Notice to Cease Membership

(1) 30 Euston Square reserves the right to cease unilaterally any membership on the following grounds:

(a) Non payment of annual membership renewal fee.

(b) Non adherence to any of the terms and conditions of membership and rules of the building.

(c) Abuse of any membership privileges.

(d) Disruptive, abusive or disorderly behaviour.

(2) 30 Euston Square will advise the member in writing of any intention to revoke the membership and the reasons for it. 30 Euston Square will advise if there is a right of reply. 30 Euston Square shall have the right to determine in its sole and absolute discretion those instances where the member shall have no right of reply and 30 Euston Square decision to revoke membership is final.

(3) Members have the right to cease membership only on the grounds of non-renewal of annual membership by giving notice in writing to 30 Euston Square no later than 30 days prior to the renewal fee becoming due.


10. Meeting room bookings by an hour from 4-15 delegates

(1) Any hourly meeting room booking for up to 15 guests must be requested by email All bookings
must be made directly by the nominated bookers.

(2) All must be for minimum of 3hrs, maximum 8hrs.

(3) New bookings are accepted until 11am on the day of the event.

(4) Credit card details must be provided for each booking.

(5) Member organisation may host an unlimited number of meetings a year.

(6) Members must host every meeting at 30 Euston Square facilities.

(7) All meeting room bookings are subject to a full pre-payment that is non-refundable.


11. Any other meeting or event bookings

(1) All such requests must be sent to 30 Euston Square sales team on or by phone on 020 8453 4610.

(2) All member event bookings are subject to any relevant policies regarding events at 30 Euston Square. These terms can be obtained from 30 Euston Square sales team.


12. Bedroom bookings

(1) All bedroom bookings must be made by a nominated contact. 30 Euston Square will provide an online based facility. Reduced member’s rate will be applied automatically.

(2) Credit card details must be provided for the full pre-payment for each booking.

(3) Any bookings cancelled 48hrs or more prior to the arrival date are subject to a full refund. Refunds for bedroom cancellation need to be requested from reception.

(4) All bedroom guests have full access to 30 Euston Square gym facilities that operate unsupervised 24/7.


13. Dress Code policy

Whilst no strict dress code is operated, 30 Euston Square is a business facility and we respectfully ask for all patrons to comply.


14. Children policy

Any children under 14 years old must be supervised by an adult when visiting 30 Euston Square facilities.


15. Bill Payment

(1) All bills, with the exception of event invoices, must be settled on the day by either credit card or cash. No account or credit facility is available.

(2) All major credit cards are accepted with the exception of Diners.


16. Security Procedures

(1) All members and guests shall adhere to 30 Euston Square security policies.

(2) In the event of an emergency, authorised 30 Euston Square staff will direct members and guests appropriately.


17. No Smoking Building

(1) 30 Euston Square is a no smoking building. Members are responsible for informing their guests of the no smoking policy.

(2) Smoking is permitted outside of the building, 10 meters away from the main entrance.


18. Removal and loss of Property

(1) No member shall take away or remove from any area newspapers, books, journals or periodicals.

(2) 30 Euston Square is not held responsible for any left over property, however any found goods will be stored safely and disposed of if not claimed within 1 month.


19. Press & Media Guests

(1) Members are asked to inform 30 Euston Square of any press or media guests.

(2) No photography is allowed without written approval.


20. Pricing

30 Euston Square reserves the right to alter the pricing for any goods and services from time to time.