Agency Commission Policy

Dear agent,

Thank you for your interest in booking 30 Euston Square on behalf of your client.

We understand the commission payment process varies from venue to venue and we would like to clarify our commission payment policy with the aim of expediting the entire process and ensuring expectations of all parties are met.

30 Euston Square (RCGP Enterprises) is managed by Searcys Tansley Ltd which is part of the WSH group; therefore, you may receive communication from 30 Euston Square, Searcys, or WSH in relation to your event, deposit invoices, or final invoices.

30 Euston Square commission payment terms are as follows:

  • Payments can only be made to business that are registered as ‘nominated suppliers/agents. Please submit the following details to your contact at the venue so we can start your registration without delay:

    The full company name:

    The company address:

    Contact name:

    Contact position:

    Contact telephone number:

    Contact email:

  • Our supply chain team will subsequently submit a new supplier form and carry out diligence checks on completions. Please complete this form without delay to expedite the process.
  • We will inform you when registration process is complete, from this point, you will be able to trade with the wider collection of venues across Searcys portfolio. Should you prefer, you can also follow up on the status of your registration directly with our supply chain team at
  • As per Event Hire Terms and Conditions, commission invoices will be paid in full to the agent after the final invoice has been settled and only on commissionable items.
  • Commissionable items at a 10% rate are:
    • All food and beverage charges (exclusive of VAT)
    • All room rental charges (exclusive of VAT)
    • All bedroom charges (exclusive of VAT)
  • Commissions will not be paid on labour surcharges, AV technicians, AV rentals, or other third-party hires made on behalf of the Client included in the Master Account.
  • Commissions will not be paid upon the amount of any liquidated damages collected by Searcys.
  • Searcys agrees that the commission paid to the Agent for this booking will not be reflected or passed on to the Client in the form of higher rates charged.
  • A commission invoice may be delayed if any dispute arises in relation to the final invoice. If this happens, 30 Euston Square will endeavour to find a resolution as soon as it is reasonably practicable.
  • It’s in the interest of the agent to assist in the collection of payment for the final invoice so that the commission invoice can be processed for payment.
  • Once the commission invoice is processed, payment will be made 14 days after the month’s end in which the invoice has been processed, irrespective of when the event has taken place.

Kind regards,

30 Euston Square Team