In a world where constant adaptation is key, learning and development are evolving at a rapid pace. We are leading the way in adapting to the changing landscape of learning methods at 30 Euston Square. We rebranded our Exam Centre to the Scenario Centre to reflect this transformation.

Why the Shift?

Gone are the days when traditional examinations were the sole measure of learning success. Today, knowledge retention takes precedence, prompting a surge in demand for scenario-based learning. Training companies and corporate entities alike are seeking immersive experiences that enhance comprehension and retention while nurturing delegate mental wellbeing.

interior of exam room

The Scenario Centre: A New Paradigm

Our Scenario Centre boasts two dedicated floors designed for immersive scenario-based learning. Each floor features spacious briefing areas, informal breakout spaces, and a suite of smaller rooms for tailored scenario training. With full branding potential, we offer a canvas for creating bespoke experiences aligned with organisational objectives.

Prioritising Mental Wellbeing

We help participants relax and stay mentally healthy before and during events at the Scenario Centre and other event locations. Our commitment extends beyond knowledge retention to fostering holistic attendee experiences.

man practicing meditation techniques

Luiz Mazzari, General Manager, Shares Insights

“Given our prominent position in London’s events landscape, we understand the value of scenario-based learning in promoting knowledge retention. This approach is regularly observed in sectors such as medical science, optometry, and emergency services. As more business sectors recognise the importance of scenario-based learning, we look forward to hosting their events and leading the way in innovative learning methodologies.”

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Innovate with Us

Join us at 30 Euston Square as we redefine learning and development. Experience the power of immersive scenario-based learning in a setting that prioritises knowledge retention and delegate wellbeing. Elevate your events with us and unlock new possibilities in learning excellence.

Explore our Scenario Centre and book your next event today!