1. Highlighting Your Location
  2. Save The Dates and Invites
  3. Offer value for free
  4. Express the benefits of attending your conference
  5. Ensure you cater for everyone

1. Highlighting Your Location

When advertising your event, including the location and address is crucial. However, highlighting the multiple surrounding opportunities it offers is an excellent way of increasing attendance at your conference.

Including details about transport links, local accommodation, and surrounding facilities helps your audience feel a part of the event and as though your event is a part of something bigger. Keeping an eye on other events that are going on in your surrounding area and exchanging advertising material with them can also increase awareness and attendance at your conference.

We offer…

Experience the best corporate event venue in Central London by hiring one of our conference rooms. Located near King’s Cross and Euston Stations, our venue is easily accessed by business travellers from far and wide. Centred amongst the bustling city streets, we are a short stone’s throw away from the Searcys Champagne Bar and Brasserie, the perfect place to extend your evening and enjoy the best of British hospitality before returning to our venue to get a perfect night’s sleep in one of our 41 boutique bedrooms exclusively available to event attendees.

2. Save The Dates And Invites

It is essential to spend time collating a list of key attendees that will be interested, add value to and attend your conference without a doubt. One way of doing this is personalising your invitations.

Personalised invites are an excellent way of breaking through the daily news everyone is receiving. Whether you do your invites electronically or via a postal service, sending personalised invitations to experts in your field is an excellent way of ensuring people attend.

We Offer…

30 Euston Square will impress your guests and offer the most memorable setting for your upcoming London events. With a wide range of conference rooms available – we invite you to use our conference facilities to impress and conduct a proactive conference where you will experience the best in technology, comfort and hospitality.

3. Offer Some Value For Free

Everyone enjoys getting something of value for free, whether in the form of a gift bag on departure or a discount on a service provided at the venue; it gives your event something special. However, value for free can also be offered through online social media content before the event.

Offering sneak peek interviews with speakers who will be at the conference, Q&As with your business leads, or advice surrounding the topic can spark interest within people and get conversations started before the main event. Telling people about your event details and information surrounding the subjects that will be discussed will make them more likely to attend.

4. Express The Benefits Of Attending Your Conference.

Make the value of your conference absolutely clear. Ensure that the topic, speakers, location, dates and times, and venue name are clearly stated on all kinds of advertising you create. Discuss what your conference offers and how it benefits your audience’s career, personal, and educational development.

People are more likely to attend if they are confident it will benefit them in some way, so expressing every way your presentation can add value to your audience is a crucial part of the lead-up and running of your conference.

5. Ensure you cater for everyone.

Ensuring that your conference not only provides a great atmosphere and engaging marketing but also provides your guests with catering, easy access, and availability for all your guests is just as important.

Having a venue accessible to everyone is a crucial part of any conference or event and will decrease the chances of your participants not attending due to concerns about access.

We Offer…

At 30 Euston Square, everyone is welcome, so we continue working on provisions to ensure our venue is fully accessible to every visitor. We offer step-free access to all spaces within our venue, and there is a taxi rank conveniently located opposite the venue. There are multiple safe car parks located in the area and for blue badge parking simply click here for further information.

Our venue is equipped with hearing aid and induction loops in various spaces within 30 Euston Square; we offer these in our Auditorium, Euston Room and portable hearing induction loop access on the ground floor and other meeting rooms.

For guests staying in our bedrooms, Deafgard devices are also available to ensure a safe overnight stay.


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