Responses from a collection 177 of our clients and delegates recently revealed that our “front of house” chef theatre is a genuine requirement and improves the event experience. Overall our research revealed that 72% would like to interact personally with the chefs, which means seeing food being prepared and served during the event.

Bespoke, creative & interactive

Based on our research we’ve expanded our offering and incorporated a twist of street-food, live cooked BBQs and food stalls. We’ve added personality into the event experience. However, the research indicated an even greater focus on chef theatre and the importance of the behind the scenes team in the delivery stages of the event.

Daniel Broughton, Executive Head Chef at 30 Euston Square, said: “Having a presence at the event itself has proven popular. Many clients and delegates enjoy interacting with us and discussing the food on offer. Also, the growth in the popularity of street-food has influenced customers to prefer food prepared in front of them. In addition, it adds to the fresh, authentic experience we want them to have.  With the food station style of hospitality, we can provide individuals with choice.  In essence, the dish can be bespoke to their taste creating a truly personal experience.”

Yvette Chatwin, General Manager at 30 Euston Square, concludes: “This research has reinforced the need for chef theatre. We’ve seen this concept was particularly popular as part of our Christmas and Summer party packages.  The live interaction with the chefs adds an experiential element to such an event, as well as atmosphere and ambience.”