We’ve invested in Barco ClickShare & 75” HDMI screens.

As part of our ongoing investment in leading event technology, we’ve upgraded our audio-visual facilities in our 18 modern ground floor meeting rooms.  The investment includes HD Projectors, 75” HDMI screens, as well as Barco’s ClickShare capabilities. This is the next level of meeting room technology, sharing content just got easier.

Goodbye wires, hello ClickShare technology

Using a small wireless USB device or a freely available app, Barco’s ClickShare technology enables seamless sharing of content. Using your mobile, laptop or tablet devices you can easily connect to our meeting room screens. You can also switch from one device to another in a matter of seconds.

Roosa Kivisto, Oxford Business Group said: “The fear of technology failing mid meeting or event is always a worry. However 30 Euston Square have found a very easy solution to overcome what can often be a compatibility nightmare. Having used ClickShare for the first time at 30 Euston Square, it makes me wonder why every venue doesn’t have it. We found it extremely easy to use,. It also saved us time spent trying to connect cables etc, so we could focus on our meeting.  Overall it’s a great investment!”

Yvette Chatwin, General Manager at 30 Euston Square concludes: “From PCs and Mac to iPads and Android, we see a host of different devices trying to connect to our screens on any given day.  Although we have all of the adaptors and cables to make this work for our clients, Barco’s ClickShare is a much easier solution for sharing content on screens, and it works across all devices. Investing in this technology was a must for us. At 30 Euston Square we want to ensure hosting a meeting is as easy and stress free as possible and this technology enables us to keep up with the wants and needs of the tech-savvy event organiser.”