Glisser, an award winning technology development company has reviewed 50 top London venues which offer the best access to Wi-Fi and 30 Euston Square is announced as number one.

Glisser have launched their white paper entitled the ‘London Venue Wi-Fi Guide’ which identifies the city’s best connected venues and measures them on: Wi-Fi speed, availability, signal, connection, sign up and plan for upgrades.

Mike Piddock, Founder of Glisser, commented: “Efficient and effective Wi-Fi is a fundamental requirement of every event professional, so we created this white paper to identify the best venues for Wi-Fi to aid the venue finding process. The guide highlights the very best venues across the city and we congratulate 30 Euston Square on topping the chart. Having worked with a client at the venue earlier this year, they really do set the benchmark high.”

30 Euston Square recently invested in its Wi-Fi infrastructure. Using Cisco hardware, the venue’s available bandwidth was more than doubled through the addition of new access points containing the latest technology, allowing devices to connect across both 2.5 and 5 GHz channels.

Tony Mills, Site Delivery Project Manager, BT Wi-fi, confirmed that the upgrades make 30 Euston Square “one of the UK’s most comprehensively connected venues as it provides organisers with the confidence that Wi-fi connection is seamless on multiple devices throughout the whole of the venue, even in peak times.”

Yvette Chatwin, General Manager of 30 Euston Square, comments: “We are delighted to have been names as the best venue for Wi-Fi. Competition in our industry is very strong and we strive to be a leading venue . Our Wi-Fi not only meets the needs of our clients today but will continue to be fit for purpose for years to come. At 30 Euston Square we understand the changing demands of event professionals and that’s why we place technology at the core of our offering. Going forward we will continue to work with our client and invest in 30 Euston Square on an on-going basis so we can always meet our customer’s needs.”