BigTec Live

BigTec Live

Case Study

Number of people:150

Event type: Conference

Spaces: The Auditorium & Exhibition Space

Big Tec were searching for a venue to host their annual conference BigTec Live. They required an auditorium for presentations, as well as an exhibition area. The space needed to be fully branded to promote their proposition and the opportunities and benefits of their Software-Defined Datacentre (SDDC). It was vital that the chosen venue had strong AV capabilities to complement their new technological solution and boost brand recognition with attendees.

What We Did

To fulfill the objectives of BigTec, we ensured that the Auditorium & Exhibition Space were fully branded including welcome desks, light boxes, projectors and wall paneling. On the day, they utilised the 3D projector screen and surround-sound for presentations and videos.

Wireless microphones and runners were also provided to encourage audience participation. Throughout the day, we delivered the highest standard of AV technical support to enable BigTec to showcase their solution seamlessly. The exhibition space was used by AVI Network, ARISTA, Rubrik, Silerpeak, NUTANIX, Nuage networks, VM Turbo and vArmour to showcase their products and interactive elements.

Positive Outcomes

  • Delegates actively engaged within the event and were live tweeting their experience using #BigTec.
  • The branding of the event was eye-catching and boosted brand recognition of BigTec and the entire event.
  • We received positive feedback from attendees and the client about the venue facilities.

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