An interview with Industry Expert: Ilja Gosev, AV Manager at 30 Euston Square 


Hybrid events are here to stay as nearly half of the organisations continue to adopt a hybrid or remote working, reported by the AMEX 2023 Global Meetings and Events Forecast.  With more events, meetings and attendees expected in 2023, one trend for the year is connecting both in-person and remote audiences through engaging virtual events.

Leading the way is award-winning event and conference venue, 30 Euston Square, which has invested in its tech infrastructure to create ‘True Hybrid Solutions’ – a world-class hybrid meeting and events package.

Partnering with CrowdComms, the affordable hybrid package brings remote and in-person attendees together in a bespoke virtual space for an unequalled experience to communicate, network and learn.

Discussing the continuing growth of virtual events and how it works in tandem with in-person meetings, is 30 Euston Square’s AV Manager, Ilja Gosev.


How many events have you hosted in the past year for the True Hybrid Solutions?

“Since launching our hybrid event package last year, we have hosted over 20 events for the True Hybrid Solutions, with demand expected to grow this year. Our package can be tailored to each event by building a bespoke virtual space in which thousands can connect and participate, from virtual breakout rooms to voting systems which is a crucial part to business decisions. Also, by offering hybrid events, it has allowed the venue to work with new industries and event types, such as product launches.”


Have you noticed a new audience since introducing the True Hybrid package?

“As hybrid events can connect businesses worldwide, we have been able to expand our client database. Our regular clients tend to be from sectors including pharmaceutical to finance and tech, but the package has allowed us to reach new audiences, including architectural design and beauty. The package has become attractive to these industries because it can adapt to their business needs – there is a definite demand for bespoke and personalised events.”


What does the True Hybrid package offer that competitors aren’t currently doing?

“Packages from production companies usually offer their services at a very high price point, but our affordable solution provides significant cost savings. We focus completely on the client and take care of everything; from building bespoke solutions with no third parties involved to using the best AV on a technical scale. We’re a one-stop shop with a personalised approach!”


What tends to be the event size (does it tend to be smaller meetings or large-scale events)?

“The event size can vary, from small to large scale. In-person attendees can range from 30 in a smaller room and in the Auditorium for up to 300 max. But for remote attendees, the number is endless.”


With the continued growth of in-person events as a trend for 2023, what ways has the True Hybrid package adapted to this?

“The package provides an easy solution for organisers to reach their attendees, no matter where they are in the world, which is very important in the post-pandemic world with remote working. At 30 Euston Square, we offer an affordable solution which can work across a range of budgets and work with the client every step of the way to provide a bespoke and engaging hybrid experience.With personalisation becoming key for organisers, we can tailor the event to meet the client’s needs by offering engaging tools to keep everyone attentive, including running votes, Q&A sessions, and networking spaces on a single platform. While we are also seeing an increase for in-person events, hybrid is also increasing as a result as companies look to connect everyone on a global scale.”