30 Euston Square has reflected its modern look and ethos across changes to its website, leading to a 43% increase in online enquires in the four months since its relaunch in April 2016.  These changes, made in line with the latest trends in marketing, optimisation and responsiveness, have resulted in a 134% increase in enquiries that are either tentative, prospect or confirmed in the same period.

Other key metrics to have seen significant improvement include:

  • 107% increase in total page view sessions (new and returning visits)
  • 75% increase in unique page views (individual visits)
  • 106% increase in average pages per session (number of pages viewed per session)

The website was updated to provide visitors with a more visually enticing experience and improved navigation, allowing them to more quickly source relevant information as part of their research and booking processes.

Visual changes include a new “skin”, reflecting 30 Euston Square’s updated brand more closely, whilst allowing greater use of their new imagery to emphasise key messages, spaces and services.

In particular, 30 Euston Square recognised the need to optimise the site and ensure it was responsive for users accessing it via tablets and mobile phones, which led to visual changes that included design based refinements to improve device compatibility, particularly across mobile platforms.  Analysis revealed that from January to July 2016, 49% of traffic was from mobile users, emphasising the need for such mobile optimisation.

The user experience was also improved through a wide-ranging clean-up of the website’s code, ensuring faster load times of information and imagery, as well as benefiting SEO, which in turn led to higher profiles amongst leading search engines.  Back office amendments also improved the content management system, allowing the 30 Euston Square team to react to client needs and adjust information and content such as news and offers as they happen.

“Our website is our shop window and for many clients it is the first place they look to find out about us and our spaces. It was therefore vital that we update it to reflect not just our offering but our brand and ethos,” comments 30 Euston Square’s General Manager, Yvette Chatwin.  “Visitors to the new site immediately appreciate how much we care about them and their events, how cutting edge we are with our technology, and the range of different spaces on offer.  We didn’t set out to create a venue website – instead we wanted to differentiate ourselves, which is why we used design agency sites for inspiration.  The results are working for both us and our clients and we are reaping the benefits with a significant return on investment.”

Following the success of these changes, 30 Euston Square is continuing to develop its digital marketing and sales strategy to incorporate greater use of PPC and online branding opportunities.