30 Euston Square has been shortlisted for ‘Most Innovative and Tech-Friendly Venue’ in the Event Technology Awards 2016.

30 Euston Square is at the forefront of technology and is constantly innovating to exceed expectations of the modern event organiser. 30 Euston Square’s General Manager, Yvette Chatwin comments: “We are so pleased to have been shortlisted for this award. We are up against some very strong venues which is a commendation in itself, but we’re hopeful that we’ve demonstrated the strength of our technology capabilities enough to win.

“We are always investing in our technology to improve the offering and prevent the need for our clients to outsource additional equipment,” she continued. “Metro Broadcast, our trusted technology supplier is integrated into the 30 Euston Square offering and enables us to embed a flexible and adaptable approach to technology. With them, and investment, we are able to deliver the breadth and depth of cutting-edge technology solutions which is required by a well seasoned event organiser.”

Technology is important to 30 Euston Square. The venue team recognises that to remain competitive and desirable in London’s venue market they must continue to modernise and exceed expectations. Being shortlisted for this award recognises it has differentiated the technology offering and has gone above and beyond to meet requirements. The results of the awards will be announced on Wednesday 9th November.

For more information about the Event Technology Awards 2016, visit www.eventtechnologyawards.co.uk