30 Euston Square’s General Manager, Yvette Chatwin was recently interviewed as part of her role judging the London Venue Awards 2016.  In particular, she was looking to identify and reward venues that stand out, not just because they are different, but also because they understand what their customers are looking for and respond to those demands.

Through the interview Yvette goes on to highlight some of the challenges faced by venues, including 30 Euston Square, particularly around changing technology demands.  As she discusses, speakers and organisers no longer provide presentations in advance, ready for upload and testing on venue systems.  Instead it is not unheard of for 20 presentations to arrive on the morning of an event across both PC and Mac formats in software including both PowerPoint and Prezzi.  Venues need both staff and accommodating equipment to meet such demands because ultimately, instead you must keep moving forward and respond to the demands of tomorrow.

30 Euston Square have recently been announced as finalists for ‘Best Venue Customer Service’ at the London Venue Awards 2016, following their previous wins in 2015 for ‘Best Boardroom Meeting or AGM Venue and Best Conference Venue up to 300 delegates’.