From wearable tech to the internet of things, the rapid pace of change when it comes to technology shows no signs of slowing. The event industry has benefitted enormously from tech advancements over the last few years, and  with more developments announced all the time, technology is set to increasingly influence the industry.

We know that events are primarily about people; networking, presenting to audiences, and socialising with friends and colleagues. But, injecting some tech can boost the success of an event considerably, whether by simplifying processes or just by adding a little dose of something different to amp up the interest. Below you’ll find 6 of the more interesting tech trends that you can use to boost your event.

Social seating

Wouldn’t it be great if you could seat your delegates based on their social connections?  This would make seating interesting and the ice so much easier to break – especially if you tell people why they are seated where.

This is something that airlines and ticket resellers have been using for a while, and that the events industry is starting to look at too. There are a number of apps that can help you with social seating:  SeatID, for example, helps you to integrate and socialise seating, and Socialtables give you the option to create floor plans based on social connections between attendees.

Check-in apps

For large events, organisers and attendees can save time by speeding up on site registration using with some great apps that are now available. Boomset is an excellent solution that allows you to create numerous registration channels (tracked to determine the most popular method), which can then be synced with Eventbrite, to sign in attendees on the spot.

Live Slidesharing

Slideshare is a powerful and flexible tool for event professionals.  By using smartphones and tablets it’s possible for attendees to share slides live, which is great for creating memorable events. It’s also an excellent way to empower your speakers, by allowing them to share their information in real-time with delegates.

Event planning apps

App-based event planning has made the most complex of events relatively easy to manage and organise. The convenience of having your event details at hand all the time allows for on-the-fly changes and greater flexibility.  Look at Planning Pod and GruupMeet to get a feel for how you can incorporate this functionality into your own event planning. These apps allow you to plan and track important aspects of your event, including budgets, flights and to-do lists.


Microsites with one or a small number of pages and high-impact call-to-actions can be better suited to conveying the message of an event than integrating information pages into your existing website. According to this article from Digital Telepathy highly specific sites also decrease bounce rates and encourage sharing. Microsites can be cheap to develop, so it’s a win-win option when trying to get your event noticed.

Really real-time analytics

It’s no secret how useful live data can be. Decisions can be made off-the-cuff and reactions to issues are raised through more informed personnel.

When you’re planning your next event, look at some of the technologies that are now available to give it a boost. A little creativity and technical know-how can go a long way!


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