This is the time of year when event organisers and party planners across London start to look for that perfect Christmas party venue. Budgets are – for most of us anyway! – top of the agenda when it comes to booking a Christmas party venue and, like most years, they will probably be squeezed in 2015. Your first budget meeting will probably define the money you’ll have to work with so make sure you’re prepared. If you’re anything like the team at 30 Euston Square, you’ll want to spend more and your boss less!

Negotiating Christmas party budgets is always tricky – especially for venues in London, which can be at the top-end of price expectations. It’s always important to get across the benefits of a staff Christmas party and to present the cost in perspective. If you put it forward as a percentage of the company’s turnover or the average company salary. It might just get you the green light! It also helps to have considered all the extras that might be involved on top of the venue hire, food and beverage, such as live band, table decorations and a dance floor, therefore choosing a venue that offers all-inclusive packages would make the process simpler.

Also talk about the benefits a great party will bring to the company.

Team spirit – often referred to but frequently ignored! A strong team spirit can do wonders for a company’s productivity. A great Christmas party by itself won’t do this but a bad one will leave your hard-working colleagues feeling unappreciated. Not good!

Networking – the more chance an organisation’s staff have to meet face-to-face, the more effective their dealings are likely to be in the workplace. This is especially true in a fun and celebratory environment where there is less pressure to put on a professional face and more opportunity to relax and get to know each other better.

Celebrating achievements – if your company has had a good year, booking the right Christmas party venue can be positioned as an opportunity to celebrate the year’s achievements and show appreciation to the workforce.

Inspiration and innovation – a great company is an inspired company. Inspiration fosters innovation and innovation is needed to prosper and succeed. And it all starts with rewarding and appreciating your staff – which a great Christmas party at the perfect London venue can help to do!

The London-based team at 30 Euston Square would be delighted to talk to you about how we can help with your Christmas party. So call us now on 020 8453 4610 or visit our dedicated landing page by clicking this link.