Event venue, 30 Euston Square, is set to enhance its appeal to event organisers and attendees by overhauling and upgrading its WI-FI infrastructure to two 1Gbps capacity hubs of Ruckus wireless network, as well as creating a new delegate log-in interface, which can be branded to communicate individual event messages.

The venue has brought in specialist installation company, Air Angel, to undertake the work, which will be completed by April 2015.

The largest conference space, the 300-seat auditorium, will benefit from a dedicated download and upload speed of up to 1Gbps, which will be more than sufficient for 300 devices to connect. To ensure continuity in service, a 600Mbps line will be separated from the second 1Gbps hub on the off-chance the dedicated line should fail.

Additionally, the new interface will allow event organisers to brand the Wi-Fi log-in page, allowing them to communicate key messages as soon as delegates look to join the network.

Yvette Chatwin, general manager of 30 Euston Square: “The provision of a great quality and reliable Wi-Fi connection is a necessity in today’s industry. This upgrade will allow 30 Euston Square to be a more attractive venue to the likes of high end technology companies.

“Additionally, one of the reasons for the upgrade is the expected rise in events that are ‘delivered to your desk’. Due to businesses being more aware of travel implications, such as cost, time and sustainability, there will be a greater number of conferences that are streamed via the internet, so that delegates can participate without actually having to leave their offices.

“Such conferences would be ideal for the likes of company briefings by national or international businesses where the cost and time implications mean some employees are unable attend in person.”