The key to any successful event is in the planning. There’ll be lots to think about and people involved so confirm the event date as soon as you can and leave plenty of time to get everything done. Then it’s time to choose your event location.

Lists are an essential tool to event planners so here’s a list that we hope you’ll find useful – our top-10 tips for choosing the perfect event location:

  1. Transport links: there’s no point in having an event that no one can get to! Travelling needs to be quick and easy for most attendees. Before settling on your event location, scout out how people will get there – even event venues in London can be quite a walk from the nearest tube and guests won’t thank you for the unexpected exercise! Check-out car parks too. Some attendees may want to drive and nearby car parks will help to make their lives easier.
  2. Extra-curricular activities: if your venue is near great restaurants, interesting places to visit and other delights it can make the ‘should I, shouldn’t I’ question a little easier to answer – especially for those with a long journey and wanting to stay on after your event has finished. Country residences can be amazing but London venues score better for this criterion.
  3. Accommodation: on-site accommodation can make a big difference, especially for those looking to extend their stay. Choose a venue with a high standard of accommodation integrated into the venue to help beef up those final numbers.
  4. Reputation: it goes without saying that you’ll want your event to be perfect in every way. Awards and testimonials can be a great indicator of a venue’s reputation and the quality you’ll be likely to experience on the day. Always check a venue’s award track record and ask to see testimonials or see if they appear online. Membership of industry bodies can also speak volumes. Chances are you’re spending a lot of money so a little pre-decision research is time well spent.
  5. Room size and flexibility: venues will have spaces that are ideal for specific guest numbers. If you’ve ever been to that ‘zero atmosphere party with 30 people in a room designed for 200, you really will be careful on this point. And if your chosen venue has the flexibility to reconfigure their spaces to accommodate your final numbers, so much the better.
  6. Management professionalism: it often comes down to gut feel whether or not you are going to get on with someone. And the same applies to the management at your prospective venue. You’re going to be dealing with them a lot so you need to like them, feel they are knowledgeable and understand your needs, and professional in their approach.
  7. Catering: canapés or other food made by top chefs using only the best local ingredients is a great sales point for your event. Catering is a good indication of the overall quality you can expect to receive on the day so ask tough questions about catering and, if your budget warrants it, don’t be afraid to demand a tasting session. Check out also if the venue is able to tailor your menu to fit different cultures or themes.
  8. Service: the level of service your guests experience on the day can make or break your event. Look for testimonials and ask questions about staff numbers, training and any standards the venue has set itself.
  9. Building appeal: a point that is often overlooked – an event will be more appealing in a fantastic looking venue than a drab building with unappealing architecture. A building with amazing architecture and spectacular internal spaces will make it easier to create buzzy invitations that excite guests and get them to confirm their places.

Events require lots of planning, time and effort. Get the venue right and not only will half the job be done for you but you can sleep safer knowing that much of the minor detail, that’s so important to you, is unlikely to go wrong on the day!

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